DEU, is located in Izmir the city with the history of 8000 years. School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, is build on 3900m2 area and designed in accordance with national and international standards in the aim of perpetuating health treatment and education services. Treatment units, academic staff rooms, conference hall, library, computer lab, student cafeteria, class rooms, practical application sections, clinical units, orthesis and prosthesis units and gait analysis lab. are placed in the school building.
Facilities of medical library, cafeterias and restaurants, post office, branches and ATM of three banks, national and international phone card services, recreation areas and sport hall at the walking distance easily in the campus. DEU Inciraltı Campus is within a green environment surrounded by shopping malls and only 12 km far away from the city centre where can be easily accessed by public transportation from many points of Izmir. Sportive and cultural facilities are managed by Health, Culture and Sports Department which involve; football, basketball and volleyball.


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