Mission and Vision


Regarding four years graduate program it is aimed educating physiotherapists who can, evaluate diagnosed patients, plan the physical therapy and rehabilitation program and perform the treatment in person, also apply treatment and preventive techniques for handicapped people to attain independency in daily life, besides give recommendations and prescribe therapeutic exercises to prevent injuries and promote fitness in children, adults and elderly.

In 1993 / 1994 in addition to Bachelor Degree, Master degree program in year of 1996 / 1997 PhD program was started, in 1999 / 2000 Neuromuscular Rehabilitation, Neurologic Rehabilitation, and General Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation programs were added to MSc of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation which enable to specialize on education and research applications within the international framework.



To become the” reference” institution by introducing the problem based learning system in physical therapy education as well as, to promote the professional knowledge and skills of students and lecturers with international exchange programs. To develop preventive physiotherapy methods for public health threatening fields also to contribute to the legal regulations in order to enhance the position of physiotherapy occupation within modern health system.
Our Quality Policy is; aiming at constant development and dynamic endeavor, increasing student, staff and patient satisfaction level to the highest rank by achieving well-qualified applications in global standards of educating and training facilities, staff responsibilities and health care services

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